Phil and Mariela Legal

Phil and Mariela have been serving Christ by loving the street children of Bogota, Colombia for many years.  Most of these dear children have been abandoned and are living on the streets doing the best they can to survive.  Phil and Mariela share the love of Jesus with them while doing their best to meet the overwhelming physical needs.

David and Lisa

Countries in many parts of the world are openly hostile to the gospel.  China is just such a country.  David and Lisa have asked us to limit our explanation of their work for security sake.  Suffice it to say that these two are serving the Father as they share His love and message with those who have never heard.

Mae Davies Orphanage Liberia West Africa

The West African country of Liberia continues to recover from years of deadly civil war.  There is a generation of children that have never known what it is like to go to school and have a stable family life.  Instead, many have lost their families to war.  Simeon Cheah makes sure that the assistance Living Hope sends to the orphanage is spent to help feed, clothe, and educate these beautiful children.

Over the years Living Hope Community Church has supported The Denver Rescue Mission both financially and through volunteering.  Helping in the kitchen and leading the worship service in the chapel on a monthly basis has been a greater blessing to us than we could ever have possibly given.  We praise God for allowing us to be a part of the love He shares with those who are facing very hard days.