Day 13 – Relationship – Review

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are training yourself to be godly.

1 Timothy 4:7 Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.The Heart - Relationship

You’re establishing a daily private prayer time with Jesus.

Let’s review the main points of the last several days:

Day 1 – Our main job in following Jesus is to stay connected to Him (John 15)

Day 2 – Jesus sets the example for us by being a man of prayer

Day 3 – Jesus begins teaching us to pray by warning us about hypocrisy and instructing us to spend time alone in prayer with the Lord.

Day 4 – Jesus tells us to focus on the Person of God when we begin to pray – He’s our Father.

Day 5 – We are to focus on the Place of God as we pray – He’s in heaven.

Day 6 – We are to focus on the Purity of God as we pray – He’s holy

Day 7 – We’re instructed to ask for the Plan of God when we pray – Your kingdom come

Day 8 – We’re also to ask for the Purpose of God in the world and in our lives – Your will be done

Day 9 – Our daily prayer lives can include requests for our needs – Provision – Give us this day our daily bread

Day 10 – We are instructed to ask for the Lord’s forgiveness – Pardon – forgive us our debts

Day 11 – We are also instructed to forgive others – as we forgive those who have sinned against us

Day 12 – As we learned yesterday, part of a vibrant prayer life includes the request to stay away from temptation and to be delivered from the evil one – Protection.


Now you know how Jesus instructs you to pray.  It is simple to obey Jesus when it comes to prayer.  All it takes is a little bit of discipline to schedule your daily prayer time and a little bit of focus to adhere to His instructions of how to pray.


As you spend time alone with Jesus in prayer each day, you are doing your part to cooperate with the Lord.  His goal is to bring you to spiritual maturity.  By taking the little step of getting alone with God to pray every day you are remaining in the Vine (John 15).  You are connecting with Jesus.  This connection opens the door for Jesus to bear fruit in and through your life.  Prayer facilitates relationship with Jesus.

Your physical health depends on what you eat and drink each day.  Likewise, your spiritual health depends on your daily prayer time with the Lord.  Don’t let anything stop you from setting aside time to speak with Jesus every day.