The Hands – Putting faith into action

Lastly, the third 30 day section of your journey to a closer walk with Jesus will focus on The Hands – specifically our focus will be on obeying Jesus by serving Him as we serve others. As Jesus said in Luke 6:46 “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say?”

The goal for this section of your journey will be to teach you about putting your faith into action. What does scripture say about people who have learned His teaching but haven’t changed the way they live to obey what Jesus commands? What provisions has the Lord made for us so that we can do what He says and obediently follow Him?

Please make note this one basic point: it takes more than 90 days to become a mature follower of Jesus. This 90 day journey you’re embarking on today is designed not to bring you to a place of full maturity in Christ. The purpose of this journey is to provide you with the understanding you need to develop godly patterns in your life. By God’s grace, at the end of this 90 days, you will have a strong prayer life. You will have some of the basic tools you need to understand your Bible. And you will know how to put your faith into action by obeying all that Jesus commands.

We at Living Hope Community Church are praying that the Lord gives you the strength to draw near to Him not only over the next 90 days, but for the rest of your life. We pray the journey you embark on today will bring your life the love and purpose of Jesus as well as lead you to bear godly fruit in your life, fruit that will last for all eternity. May the Lord bless you has you draw near to Him.